Class at Kyoto University
Common Courses
Natural History of Animals I,II [every other year]
Interdisciplinary Sciences :Life and Human Society (Interactions between Nature and Humans) [later]
Experimental Practice in Biology I,II [previous・later]
Special Lecture on Natural History  Seminar on Natural History
Seminars on Natural Sciences A,B
Variation and adaptation in animals I [every other year]
Seminar on Natural History
Studies of Biology
Fiele practice (in Borneo)
Graduate School 1
Animal Diversity Science 1,2
Biodiversity Science1 [every other year]
Onychodactylus japonicus
Japanese clawed salamander
Experimental Practice in Biology Ⅱ [previous・later]
Dissecting frogs
Courses that carry on the history of field research from Tertiary High School
The course consists of field training on various topics and indoor training using the samples obtained. Please check the syllabus for details.
Fiele practice (in Borneo)
A photo with a python on the last day of the practice
Courses offered by the College of Human Sciences, including a variety of field courses in oceans, mountains, and islands
More and more students wanted to participate personally in the laboratory's Borneo research, so in 2016 we conducted a student-centered expedition in Borneo that did not distinguish between research and teaching as one course of this practice.
Since 2017, This practice has been continued with a new name, Borneo Study Tour, commissioned by Japan Study Tour.LLCIf you are interested, please contact Nishikawa
Seminar in Environmental Management B Experiments and practical studies
Survey in rice paddies
Observation by microscorp
Kyoto University Yoshida Minami Campus
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