Species diversity research
Maintenance and management of specimens and tissue have been collected for more than 40 years.
We have more than 50,000 valuable samples, not just reptiles, and our task is to organize and catalog them for the future. We do not have enough space or freezers and refrigerators. We are also short on manpower.
The founder of the collection,
Professor Emeritus Masafumi Matsui
Elaphe quadrivirgata
Blunt snakes
Efforts to promote and develop research on vertebrate species diversity
Participation in the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Center Formation Project B. Asia and Africa Academic Infrastructure Formation Type "Asian Vertebrate Species Diversity Network Center" (coordinator: Masaharu Motokawa, Kyoto University Museum).
special exhibitions, etc.
Elaphe quadrivirgata
Blunt snakes
Kyoto University Yoshida Minami Campus
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Nisikawa Lab,kyoto univ.